lauantai 12. tammikuuta 2013

About my belly dancing

I’ve had a dream to learn some oriental dance some day… About a year ago I found a belly dance costume at a flee market and finally had the final input to start practicing it. I have been too lazy and maybe also too shy to go to dance lessons so I started to practice on my own with guidance of some YouTube videos.

For me the belly dance gives an opportunity to express my femininity and on the other hand it has been a very good way to mobilize my tight neck, shoulders and pelvis. I have done mostly the basic movements but I have also danced free figures inspired by masters I’ve seen in videos. I have not done any major progress in my skills and for the choreographic demands I have found I have two left legs and awful coordination of different body parts. However I have had lots of fun and lots of aerobic practicing during the last year and I’m sure I want to go on with it.

About that costume…. I had it on me in Cologne carnival last February around the town and around the clock so it was in terrible condition after that.... I had to buy a new one and it  finally happened last week.  I think I also have to buy something not so vulnerable for everyday practice. 

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