perjantai 24. toukokuuta 2013

Hauho meeting may 2013

The last weekend we had the DreamWearClub spring meeting in Hauho. Early Friday afternoon I met Ariella and headed to north. My spouse had work later so I had to fetch her later from the Hämeenlinna railway station. The picture is taken in front our lunch place on our way.

We had our special guest from the parliament. She was a president of the commission for equality affairs. And the equality affairs were the main issue during her visit indeed, there is a very important new legislation coming in that area. 

Friday night we visited a local dance hall. We got some attention from local people, for instance because we asked ladies for a dance. And on their turn the ladies paid back and asked us for a dance! And when we left we were warmly  welcomed back again. When we got back to the manor we still had a karaoke moment. And it was the first time in my life I fell asleep hearing the karaoke lullaby…

Saturday daytime was partly formal with some meetings and partly informal with flee market and makeup activities. The weather was not especially good so I stayed indoors most of time.   
And again we had our band there, although it had shrunk to a duo with our soloist Elise. I played bass line at the same time I played keyboard. We had practiced six pop covers by different divas. This time we had no problems with electricity.  And of course we had some extra music with special guest stars, including the lovely daughter of Elise.

Sunday morning was so warm I decided to go to swim. The water was said to be only +12 Celsius but it didn’t feel that cold. It was so refreshing to swim a little circle (not very big one, really…) and I didn’t feel cold at all after getting up from the lake.

And of course, we visited a big outlet mall on our way back home and bought some new clothes, including this dress for summer. We did our food shopping there, too. It was good to do it there, because it turned out the shops in other places were closed because of the special Sunday.

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