sunnuntai 1. joulukuuta 2013

The Political November

In November I took part to two political events. The first was TransHelsinki happening, especially the working life seminar organized by our organization The DreamWearClub. 

We had high class guests, including the Finnish Ombudsman for Equality, the president of the Equality Advisory Board of the Finnish Parliament and people from trade unions and national employer organization. The issue was the discrimination at workplaces, especially concerning the right to express one’s inner gender. 

In Finland it is already forbidden to stop an employee to wear clothes that feels best for the gender he/she feels, except it is somehow regulated in a certain dress code. In Sweden even this is forbidden, which was realized last summer: The train personnel was not allowed to wear shorts even though it was too hot for long pants so they decided to wear pants. The Finnish employers say there are certain reasons the customers may not like personnel wearing “wrong clothes” but they seemed to be reluctant  to specify the cases. The legislation that is in preparation is approximately the same that is already applied in Sweden. The employers  try to remove these issues the law which has less stringent sanctions than the equality legislation.

After the seminar we went to snack in a pub. We were lucky to get one, because it was  Pikkujoulu (“Little Christmas”) time and the restaurants were crowded. After that we went to movies  to see some trans shorts. The Movie Theater was the one Kaurismäki brothers once owned and the feeling was still there…

            At the Cinema with Hanna-Maria and Aija Salo, 
                           the head secretary of Seta

 After the movie we still went to “L-world club”  to have fun just among women.

The other political event was the representative assembly of the Finnish LGBTIQ organization Seta. There were both the official part and less official workshops. I chose the group leader and transgender support centre workshops and think the choices were rather good. And while it was a weekend, Saturday evening there were sauna evening, of course. I skipped the sauna but had nice and interesting discussions with numerous different GLBTIQ people.

The busy reperesentative

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