lauantai 5. huhtikuuta 2014

Another Winter Passed

Well, there has been a winter in Finland  … at least in some regions. Here in Southern Finland we have had some cold days and some snow but not at the same time. So I haven’t even gone skiing because of lack of the proper tracks. Now the spring is about two weeks ahead. On the other hand last year we had half a meter on the first of April, so it is not at least the straight implementation of the green house effect.

There haven’t been any particularly significant things in my life last winter:  Some lgbti-issues, my weekly belly dance portion… It seems that we trans people have noted as something interesting because so many of us have been interviewed in magazines and on radio. For me it happened with other “coffee evening hostesses” in Finnish-Swedish student magazine.   

In February we went to Arctic Pride. It was held in Rovaniemi, a rather small city just next to polar zone (and there were some snow, too...). 

We stayed there two day at our good friend’s home. The event was quite big compared with the size of the city. On the other hand it is a student town and the event gathers people from the whole Finnish Lapland – plus us from the South.
In Rovaniemi  region there’s a very strong religious traditions and for example they managed to prohibit the Rainbow Mass in local church, although it was already promised to be available

What comes to ordinary citizens, we had no problem with them - maybe they didn’t even notice anything special. However we preferred not to go to local bars in night time: Finns have very high threshold for acting either negatively or positively – unless they are pissed. In latter case the Lappish people  really won’t hesitate to show their opinion.

My spring is going to be more hectic but I'll tell it in the next blog text.

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