lauantai 31. toukokuuta 2014

(May) I Continue: The Various ways of dancing

In the end of the month it’s time to sum up my May.

Of course, there was Hauho weekend to meet sisters from all over the country. The special guest star was a crossdresser legend BB who has been a icon for many of us. She doesn’t know the word compromise. She even went to army rehearsals in mini skirt in late sixties!!  She is also a chess enthusiast so a tiny tournament took place.

Another guest was Sophie le Sucre, a burlesque artist. She had a little lesson of the history of Burlesque and a workshop with a short show. As an organizer I had an honor to help her tie the corset. It was not an easy task so I had to ask my friend Jaana to do the actual tightening.

To do a little different dancing we went to the local dance hall. We had done it also last May and we were then welcomed again. Those of us who asked ladies for a dance were also asked for a dance very many times.

The weather had been quite cold before the Hauho weekend but it gradually changed to warm sunshine. So I had an opportunity for my first bikini sun bath this year.

And after some hesitation I even went swimming, even though the water was far from being warm after two chilly weeks.

Last weekend I  danced in a season closing gala of the dance studio Luhtavilla. Our dance was a Turkish folk tune  Nihavent oyun havasi. When I see my dancing in the rehearsal video I notice I have done some progress. It's not much but I enjoy even the tiny progress I can notice in my dancing. 

This time we were more than five dancers in the performance so the dance looked quite impressing. Afterwards I asked my fellow dancer if she had heard some comments on me being there. She told me she had asked her husband and he had replied he didn’t notice any male dancer…

I wish a lovely, warm and relaxing summer for everyone!


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