tiistai 30. kesäkuuta 2015

Helsinki Pride 2015

This year I could take part only to part of the Pride week because my Spouse had her “official” birthday celebration at the Parade day. However I had an opportunity to help the arrangements of the panel about “the ideal transgender legislation”. on Tuesday. The issue was there have been so much progress in some countries except Finland. On the other hand it seemed obvious that deleting the unnecessary division by gender in legislation would be the best thing to promote the rights of the transgender people.  

                                       The Panelists Luca, Riikka and Aija with the speaker Hanna (left)

After it I still went to Seta office where the DreamWearClub evening took place.

On Wednesday I accompanied the song happening for the transgender people at Seta office. After it I went to Kaisaniemi restaurant for Pride Logdans where I danced a bit and chatted much more. Despite the fact that the weather was rather chilly the air in the dance hall was too hot and heavy. That didn’t seem to disturb the good mood of the dancers.

Friday was the next and the last day I took part. We have made a agreement to meet with Hannamaria at the Seta activist picnic at the Kaisaniemi Park. After visiting another (trans-) picnic without any own packed lunch we went for a small supper at the restaurant in the city near the cinema we were to go next. There was the premiere of the document film of three transgender people and their experience of their gender identity.

After the film we still went to “The Ladies Party” at the Kaivohuone restaurant. It is a huge event with lots of women and of course with lots of my friends. The only disadvantage was the heavy bumping disco music. 

Despite I went near the stage to be swallowed by the rhythm nothing just happened. So I just walked around and chatted with people. Because I was not forced to wake up early for the Parade I could it till the midnight.

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