keskiviikko 23. joulukuuta 2015

The rest before the Christmas

Now I’ve done everything I’ve decided to do before the Christmas – excluding packing for our Berlin Christmas. So it is a convenient time to report the rest of the fall.

In November I was constantly active. I took part in some TransHelsinki events. Our club, DreamWearClub organized a seminar on discrimination free sports. The main organizer and our president Minna-Maaria has done figure skating a couple of years and has had some difficulties in competing in male series and in female costume. She is very strong hearted person and has gradually made her point and the resistance has decreased very strongly. The only thing is the wrong costume takes some points from her score. Let’s see what happens when she goes to compete in Eastern European countries…

The other event I took part was the Transgender Day of Remembrance, the day to remember the transgendered people who had been murdered. In Finland I don’t know any case but in some countries, for example in US that kinds of sad stories are quite frequent. There was a candle light ceremony in the center of Helsinki. The member of the parliament Jaana Pelkonen gave a speech.

We also made an overnight trip to Tallinn. I had my wig box in my luggage but it turned out it was empty. To settle out the situation I hurried to the Kaubamaja hat department.

In the end of November I took part on Seta assembly. Seta is the Finnish national LGBTIQ organization and the DreamWearClub is a member of Seta. I met many old and some new friends there and we made some important plans how to implement the new laws concerning the equality and anti-discrimination of  LGBTIQ people.

In Finland December is time for numerous Pikkujoulus (“ the Little Christmas”). I took part in two. The DreamWearClub had its own with some Finnish Christmas cookies and Christmas carols.

Another one was a pop up ladies’ night in the centre of Helsinki. The audience were mostly young lesbians. The Father Santa visited there. As he said, he had his sacks full and he was mostly after the naughty girls. Well, he also found a single good girl and gave her rather naughty costume as a Christmas present to change her habit. I danced, played plays and laughed a lot with other girls.

The end of the belly dance season was a bit different because our regular coach Marinka had a baby in the beginning of December. For that reason we had her substitute Ulla who really made us sweat. For me the tempo was a bit fast to learn the new choreographies but on the other hand she was very demanding and strict which made me try my best. We also practiced our choreography for the Christmas show under her supervision though it was originally composed and started by Marinka. Taking into account these facts we made rather good performance. Unfortunately YouTube has removed the music but the rhythmical element of our dance can be still clearly seen.

So now I start to pack. Merry Christmas and happy New Year to everyone!

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