tiistai 5. kesäkuuta 2012

My Wild May

Now it's June and I'm afraid that nothing is going to happen so I have a good opportunity to tell about my May experiences.  And for a woman like me there's a lot to tell.

At the beginning of May I visited the Wuolle manor in Hämeenlinna. I have practiced some music pieces with my friends for the annual DreamwearClub spring meeting. For some reason our band has a name "The Dwarf and some Snow Whites". So we played sort of concert containing Stevie Wonder and Elton John among other. Then we played some dance music, but the audience just wanted to listen to us.

While we were playing some strange things happened. When we played loud (at least we thought it was because of that...) the electricity went of and it happened again several times. So we played rest of our gig with low volume and in darkness. The next day it turned out that the whole village was out of electricity and it had nothing to do with us.

Matti (bass), Ines (flute), Asta (drums), me (keyboards), Elise (voc)

On 16th May I was at the demonstration against St. Petersburg anti-LBGT laws in Helsinki City. We sent a post cards attached to a balloons. Because I had no pencil I had to use my lip liner to write my message. Unfortunately the wind was not favourable to us and the balloons flew to west (thus not to St. Petersburg) and many of them stuck to tram contact wires :-(   

You will see the video of that happening here .

On 19th May I went to visit our friend near Turku with my SO. The friend lives by the sea and we had wonderful time there. We also visited the "Ladies only" ball in Turku.

Actually I was "a bit" over-dressed among other ladies with rather modest dress code. However I was asked to dance so much my feet were aching when we left the ball room.

The third big thing took place on 21st May. I was asked to be a model in a fashion show held by fashion design students. The theme of my set was 1920's style. I also had a makeup in that spirit but it actually made me look at least that old as well!!

The fashion show preparation was exactly as it has been normally described: A total chaos, yelling, some minor nervous breakdowns, nobody actually being in charge of everythig. But anyway after some painful hours everything happened as it was planned.

I have never been a model before. So I was more than thrilled when I walked along the catwalk in front of some 400 pairs of eyes and crossfire of flashlights. I was'n very nervous about my walking, I just tried to do it femininely and with some obvious turns to show my dress in different directions.

I'm hoping to get some good photos soon. Video is already available. You will see my appearance just before 10 minutes.

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