perjantai 6. heinäkuuta 2012

Out again, after a long time

Thursday evening I decided to go out after a long break caused by summer guests whom I had to take to a long trip across Finland.

I decided to go in a restaurant where I could dance some disco and listen to other people sing karaoke (I'm so critical to myself, I sing karaoke only in very special cases). I also wanted to test some of my sale purchases: A Vila dress (7 €), 9 cm heeled sandals (17 €) and light seamed pantyhose (50 cents). The sandals and pantyhose let my red toe nails show nicely.

The sandals were so high I was too afraid to drive car with them so I took a pair of shoes with moderate heels to do it. I changed the sandals in town and found it a bit odd to walk on special high heels in the street, because I haven't done it before. Anyway I got to the restaurant with no major collapses. At the restaurant I did what I have planned, listened to karaoke and danced. I gradually learned the natural way to move on my heels and had a lot fun on the dance floor.

The only drawback during the night was the conversation with a man, who told I looked so awesome and elegant..... just like a queen mother!!! So am I really looking that old ??? Well it turned out the man was a gerontophilian and that might explain his choices of expression.

It was still so comfortably warm Finnish late night when I walked  along the Helsinki streets to my car to get home.

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