lauantai 23. maaliskuuta 2013

Belly dance progress

At last I have gathered all my courage, to go to open belly dance basic lessons. I wrote the leader and asked if I could join the group although they have started already in January. Luckily they have just completed their first choreography and were just about to start a new one. So I could quite easily slip into the group.

So I prepared myself for my first lesson by buying appropriate training outfit, containing the leggings, a top am the dance slippers. (I already had a scarf but actually I used the one that was available at the dance studio.)  I met a very friendly an gorgeous looking teacher Marinka and the other students, all much younger than me….!!! But it seemed there was no problem in joining the group even that late.

Marinka noted from very beginning my problem was I had my weight on wrong side, I have to put my weight to the direction of the movement. I asked her not to stop the rehearsal too many times for me, I could be just a slow learner.  But I think I was not the slowest learner, though there’s still so much to do… I try to imitate the smooth and full trajectories Marinka shows us.

We have some warm up and then we train our choreography. We have trained it three times and I think I could do all the movements last time. Another thing is whether they are good enough, I have to practice a lot to make it look smooth fluent and rhythmically accurate.

There is a show in May where our dance is performed. Unfortunately I have something else that time and so I cannot dance in the show. Maybe some other time I will do it, because I will definitely continue this wonderful hobby where I can express my femininity in so beautiful way.  

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