sunnuntai 10. marraskuuta 2013

Updating the fall

This fall I haven’t blog anything so far. That’s partly because I was so busy doing things instead of telling about them.

Among other things was the Hauho meeting. This time we had a member of parliament Annika Saarikko as our political special guest. For her our issue was not very familiar and she seemed to be quite nervous at the beginning. However she was very curious and wanted to hear our personal stories about being ourselves and about difficulties we meet during it.

                    Annika Saarikko

Just arrived me with gorgeous Jaana                                      

Another special guest was Taina Kinnunen, a gender researcher from Tampere University.

                                                          Taina Kinnunen

As our entertainment program I also had asked my belly dance teacher Marinka Nyqvist with her colleague Sari Puolimatka to have an introductory dance lesson and a little dance number. I think both numbers went marvelously and the audience seemed to be happy.

A better dressed me                               Marinka and Sari starting their encore 

Talking about belly dance lessons, I have continued the hobby in different studio but still under guidance of Marinka.
We have completed one choreography and just started a new one. It is planned to be performed in December. 

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