perjantai 10. elokuuta 2018

The long hot rest of the summer – too hot to even blog

The summer after the Ruegen tour has been exceptionally hot – as most of you readers already know.  Just now, when I started writing the first rain shower beats my garden instead my sprinkler.

The main aim of the period has been avoiding anything too complicated and I’ve had a marvellous success. I’ve mostly doing some gardening, biking swimming and debating on internet. I also did some preparatory things for the work I had reserved for the rainy days – which never appeared.  

Oh no, do they really mean it...?

Normally I wear long sleeves with gooseberries because of the spikes but not this time...

On the way to the Pihlajasaari beach

In the last blog I mentioned the pea soup in the Baltic Sea. Fortunately it turned out the blue green algae had disappeared from my beach areas. Or well, almost...: One day I went swimming and noticed the excellent water quality note. 

However, after swimming I had something to comment to the lifeguards and noticed the red note on the pier: Blue green algae! His explanation was the water quality analysis doesn’t include the algae analysis.

Luckily the amount of the algae was not so big so I didn’t get any consequences.

Still I did something: I went to Kopparnäs in Inkoo to shoot some dance scenes for a video production with my friend Hannamaria. Kopparnäs is a wonderful place with smooth hills and rocks at the seaside. I wore semi high heeled sandals for the dance scenes. To get to the place and away we had to walk some kilometres over the rocky hills and in the forest. I invented a new sport named trail running on heels. During practicing my new sport I got a vesicle on the down side of my big toe, the first in my life.

                           The Kopparnäs pictures

                My big toe after trail running on heels

The other thing to tell about was the lunar eclipse evening. I went to the seahore in Kaivopuisto Helsinki where the bloody moon would show the best. However there was too much clouds above the horizon and the angle of the moon too little so it seemed to be impossible to see anything. Anyway the feeling in Kaivopuisto was nice, the people gathered for their picnics and everybody seemed to consider the situation to each others, not a typical situation in Finland. The other thing was the warmth of the night whogch we call the tropical nights. It was so nice there but has been far from nice in my house though. After waiting for the bloody moon for two hours I finally gave up – and heard the moon showed half an hour after that.  

                                  Still waiting...

The cloudy Southeast horizon

                         The magical tropical night

 Now I’m pretty much relaxed and ready for the coming season.

The first and refreshing rain, at last

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