sunnuntai 29. heinäkuuta 2012

Linden scent and lightnings

Yesterday evening was the second warm one this summer. So I decided to go out and enjoy it.  On the journey to town I noticed I had a mirror for makeup for a driver too!  (...and no, the picture is not taken in traffic lights....)

I went for a walk at the seaside. I’m very sensitive to cold but this time I could easily walk in my thin orange summer dress without any sense of freezing. The wind was gentle and air was full of scent of linden flowers.

After the seaside passage I walked to Helsinki city and had a drink at the terrace restaurant. There were no wind and the walls had been warmed by the sun so I even almost sweated in that sleeveless dress! Anyway I wanted to dance later so I went to disco to do it. I think they had air conditioning because it was not that hot anymore, even when I was dancing. 

When I came out of the disco I noticed the streets were a bit wet. And while driving home I saw plenty of lightnings from the thunder storm which had freshened up the air.

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