perjantai 20. heinäkuuta 2012

Foam party and blueberry pie week

This week has not been very special one. The weather has changed so rapidly and it has been not that warm so I skipped any swimming in the sea. Some sun bath has however taken place, at our yard. If the aim had been doing nothing, object would have been well achieved. Well, I went to the forest to pick some blueberries. I didn’t get much, but enough for blueberry pie though.

And one night I went to the city to foam party. I’ve never seen such so I decided to check it out. I had no intention to get any foam on me so I tried to look the happening from safe distance. I had my orange summer dress with a white blazer. I had just washed the blazer in spite of its sign not to wash it. Not the first time I had washed such clothes without any losses.

I came to the restaurant quite early so there were no people in foam area at the beginning. Then some people went to dance floor to get sprayed in their bathing suits. After some happy hour beers there were lots of dancers in normal clothing.  Afterwards it turned out that their clothes got wet!! The evening was not very warm so I saw many not so happy-looking shivering celebrants. Some tried to warm and dry themselves under the toilet hot air fan

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