torstai 29. marraskuuta 2012

A Little Bit of Burlesque And Trans-Helsinki Happenings

Last weekend I had quite a hurry. On Friday I have decided to visit burlesque club. So I had to get preparations soon after coming home after work. I had made an appointment with a Tiina deep from Savonia district. She’s an organist and we were going to have a lot of chatting about musical issues.

So… I put my lilac satin dress on (the same I wore at the first burlesque visit) because I thought the audience was different. I was right, there were only few same persons and very few even bothered to get dressed suitably. The place was a tiki bar with Pacific food and atmosphere. Also the show was based on the Pacific feelings. I met Tiina instantly with her friends, one lady from Estonia and one lady and a gentleman from Turku.  So we got our drinks and started to watch the show.

Compared with my first time also the show was smaller. And also the atmosphere was not that intense. And when the two sets were performed, the audience didn’t rush to the dance floor but started to vanish gradually. It seemed we were the only ones to dance some 50’s rock and jive for a while. I had quite heavy ear rings with clips and a bracelet of the same material so both the the bracelet and one of my ear rings flew in an arch to the dance floor.

                                                                   (Picture taken by Tiina)

We stayed about an hour but talking was quite hard to do because the noise of the dance music. After that I wanted to go home pretty soon to be ready for the next day…

…which was Saturday so I didn’t even have to wake up very early to get ready for the day. The issue was Trans-Helsinki happening, containing the mini conference in the afternoon and the ball in the evening. I was prepared for both events with different outfit so I packed a suitcase in my car. I met some of my friends at the conference and after it I went for a dinner with my very dear friend Elise. The dinner was a real seaside dinner, meaning Hesburger mega meals at the seaside parking place.  At least the view was very beautiful from the old park to Suomenlinna fortress on the islands of the Baltic Sea.

After the dinner we headed to our friends Patricia and Päivi, who had invited us for pre party before the ball. There were some other girls, too. We took a sip of sparkling and chatted a lot before we started to prepare for the night. Well, that was some show ladies rushing from here to there. Luckily the apartment was covered with mirrors (the rest of the space was filled with heels….).

We had to enter the show room in time because Patricia was a speaker of the night. We managed to do it but in spite of that there were some friends present already.  And the others came later, there were some 50 people celebrating that issue, the others being there anyway. I also met many sisters that I haven’t seen for ages so it was a nice thing to chat with them. Though there were so much noise the chatting was not very easy to do. The music was for dancing so I also danced every now and then.

The two late nights did not seem to be my thing so I started to yarn gradually. So I decided to thank my friends and say goodbye and go to my car. When I was driving back home I was stopped by police. So I had to blow to alcohol meter and did it with some lipstick stain for the first time in my life. The Police lady seemed to scare me asking whether I have drunk something if I’m going to drive any longer than home. Then she added the measurement was inside the limit and wished me a nice driving home.   

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