sunnuntai 28. lokakuuta 2012

Mummolaakso Ball

Saturday evening we had a night out with my spouse. We visited the Mummolaakso ball.  Mummolaakso (the valley of elderly ladies) is a Finnish women’s organization. The name resembles the name Muumilaakso which is the Finnish name for Moomin Valley. They organize dance evenings every now and then. This time the place was a Greek restaurant so we ate a good Greek dinner first. We also chatted with some old friends there. My spouse won’t dance but she likes to watch other people do it. I was asked for some cha cha, salsa and rock and roll by other dancers. 

So we both had fun till midnight when we disappeared in the moonlight like two Cinderellas (she’s the one who’s having smaller feet though…).   

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