sunnuntai 29. maaliskuuta 2015

Happened in March 2015

This month I’ve had quite constant activities.

In the beginning of the month I visited the at the education session organized by the Finnish nation-wide LGBTIQ-organization Seta, telling the new educators about a girl like me. The audience listened very carefully and made some informative questions. It seemed the whole variety of the sexual and gender identities is not very well known among the different groups belonging to it, so my story was taken with pleasure.  

We had two DreamWearClub nights, one containing the wig show by Suomikallio wig shop. This time I let the other sisters try the wigs on and decided to make my private appointment when it seems to be necessary. Anyway we had a lot of fun trying variety of styles of wigs.

                                        The wig evening

The other thing to tell about was my story of my ID card last summer. I wrote it down and it is published in the text by the Ministry of social affairs, concerning the implementation of the brand new equality legislation.

I met some of my foreign friends, Maria Jose from the Canary Island and Zarah from Hungary. I had wonderful chats with these ladies, Maria Jose at the restaurant and Zarah at the mall.   

With Maria Jose  

                                                   At the mall with Zarah

The belly dance project is proceeding to the point where I can be at least not too unsatisfied with my performance. Our group is going to perform the dance Hüp at the service center for the elderly people in April. I’m very much thinking about whether I could dance there, too.  Anyway we have the “End of the season”  -show in May.

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