perjantai 10. huhtikuuta 2015

Anukatariina Monthly/ April 2015

This April I haven’t been too busy but there’s still some actions to tell about.

In the Easter time we visited an Estonian town Haapsalu. The weather was mostly poor and we couldn’t enjoy much the walks along the seaside, although we did some. Actually the best place to watch birds was the restaurant at the seaside, while enjoying a delicious dinner at the same time. 

The Keila river falls on our way to Haapsalu

The seaside in Haapsalu

On Saturday we ended up shopping and eating delicious cakes and tapas.

                                                My Easter cake in Haapsalu

On Sunday the weather was so poor we skipped the walks totally and went to Ylemiste mall in Tallinn until it was time to go to ferry. On Sunday I decided to wear as casually I ever could. That made my spouse comment that I was even too casual – for the first time ever…

We have a parliamentary election in Finland in April. The week after Easter I decided to pre-vote at the Post office. This time I had my new id card so there were no problems with that – except the official had an obvious black out while looking at my name and my look in the id card.

                                             In front of the post office where I voted

In the same week I had my web lecture (I’m a lecturer) as the only fixed thing on my day schedule so I decided to do it at home – for the first time ever. I did not want to show my home look to the students so I did it without the webcam.

                                                               A web lecturer

In the end of April our belly dance group gave a performance for the good mood at the rest home in Espoo. The leader of the team had asked for the opportunity to do so and the answer was somewhat hesitating at first: Would the belly dance be appropriate…..? So I was hesitating as well: If the belly dance was a problem, would the man dancing as a belly dancer woman be even more so?
Luckily my team mates convicted me I could dance there. One of them even stated she had regarded me as a woman when we first met in the dressing room. So we had a plan that I would pretend to have a hoarse voice to avoid to use my male voice.

The schedule was very fast so I had to get dressed before I drove to the rest home. I thought I got some extra stares while walking along the street to my car.

                                                        Ready for the gig

The ”stage” was a space organized in the center of the coffee room. It was obviously too small for our team of five ladies with a choreography with fast tempo. So we had to limit our trajectories to avoid kicking or hitting the audience, probably with fatal consequences.  We managed to do it, but because of it we couldn’t show our best.

The reception was thrilled and warm hearted and we were asked where we can be seen next time. My hoarse voice trick seemed to work as well, I think no one reacted in any special way when dealing with me.

                                                Dancing in the coffee room   

                                  The whole group of dancers after the show  

In the same day I went to the ball event organized by Mummolaakso lesbian organization to see friends and get to know new ones.

                                                      Me with Veronica

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