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The day I got banned (by Jesus…?)

The last years I’ve been rather active in writing about the same sex marriage on several Finnish websites. In the year 2014 we had a huge campaign to support the citizen initiative supporting it and at the end the bill passed as with the first citizen initiative in Finland. The bill will be true next year and so many people will have their human rights to be fulfilled then.

Of course we have a religious minority that opposes the bill very aggressively. They call themselves the the "silent majority" in spite of the fact they are not - see the two pictures from the “majority” and the majority in the day the bill passed.

The majority?

The minority?

But anyway unfortunately there are enough conservative people in Finland to collect the 50 000 names to make a counter initiative – the pro initiative got 100 000 names in a couple of days. The counter initiative has organized under the name of “the genuine marriage”. The background of the organization is ultra conservative religious movements but they totally try to deny their religious background – even if their logo  is straight from the catholic anti same sex marriage movement.

And the people in Finland are mostly Lutheran! 

The arguments are mostly based on reports by religious institutes and misinterpretations of other scientific articles. The main stream seems to be there are articles on problems among children who loose contact to one of their parents – the very different case to kids that have their same sex parents all their childhood.

In other places I have argued against the fundamentalist people that they even don’t know their Bible:

-  The homosexualism in the Bible is not the same it is today and it is opposed because it is seen as a phenomenon in the rivaling religion (Bal ritual by Moses and Kybele cult by Paul)
The concept of the marriage is very diffuse in the Bible, containing numerous amount of wives and step wives. The only place in Bible where Paul says there should be only one wife is a guide for the priests!
- In the story of Sodoma it is about the bad habit to violate the foreigner by raping which is the still ongoing habit made by hetero men and have nothing to do with same sex love or marriage
     -   Jesus doesn’t say anything against gay people
     -  and so on

Most of them are uneducated people and think the Bible is totally the word of God - in spite of the very fact that for instance Paul stresses in some cases he just thinks the things might be so and so. Unfortunately they are lead by the more educated but deeply fundamentalist people it is easy to make the uneducated fraction to believe whatever. On other sites I have noticed that the people in charge have noticed I'm a dangerous person who also can argue with their language.  

Because the “Genuine Marriage” denies its religious origin I have used other strategy. I have revealed their false argumentation on the scientific data – systematically every time. I also have reminded them it is a sin to lie – both in hiding their background and distorting the scientific data.

So I have been regarded as a dangerous person and consequently banned on their Facebook site. Maybe I could take this action as a credit to my anti discrimination work. 

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