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The Decisive December 2017

December 2017 started like winter would come. And then the snow melted a day after it has fallen many times in turn. In snowy days it was lovely to walk in the forest and enjoying the fresh snow white nature.

                                                In the snowy forest

December 2017 also was very important for my coming out as Anukatariina. I told about me to my nearest colleagues and they responded with joyful comments and warm hugs. I even visited my work place as Anukatariina a couple of times. The first one was in my regular place and I met some of my nearest (or should I say dearest after such an incidence…) and we hugged again. The second visit was in another place. I noticed the colleagues there looked at me somewhat confused and I’m not sure if they identified me – at least I didn’t introduced myself to them.   

                            At the work place for the first time

I use to bake some Christmas pies for Dreamwear Club pikkujoulu and I this time I naturally had the same idea. Unfortunately the office of Seta had been constructed and they had thrown the owen away. So instead of baking I had to buy the pies. Anyway the pikkujoulu was very warm hearted with lots of music and deep thoughts.

                                         The bought Christmas pies

As always my oriental dance performance was also in December. The choreography was Fuego with somewhat Spanish flamenco ingredients. Our leader wanted to show something to watch and the result was very furious with colors of flames. I had quite few own rehearsal sessions so I wasn’t very sure of my readiness. The result was I invented some new mistakes instead of the ones I was afraid of. Luckily I did the worst mistake in time so many of the audience thought it was meant to be so.  

You can see the result here.

                                                      The finale pose of Fuego

I still had one pikkujoulu left: Marinka wanted to have one with her dance students because she is going to Spain at least for a year. So we met still a day after the show to chat, eat and drink something and, of course, dance. The music available was a collection of old choreography musics. Each time the music was familiar some of us tried to remeber the choreography. It turned out I’m not good in remembering the old ones. But it was fun anyway. The schedule of the dance studio is not good for me so I had decided to take another. So in the end of the evening we hugged each others for farewell. Anyway some days later I decided to continue the same studio: The arrangement options for another alternatives were not better and I was very happy to be able to go on with my old dance friends.

                      Dancing with my dance friends.

                                             Hugs with Marinka

My Christmas arrangements were a bit smaller i scale than they use to be. There were a bit fewer visitors and we decided not to do anything too much. Another thing was I had a wrong week day in my mind as the Christmas Eve so I had a day less to fuss.

                                My specialties from the oven

                                        The Christmas dinner with relatives

The Christmas day I went for a walk in the forest again. The snow had mostly melted and then frozen to very hard and slippery mat. I went to one of my favorite places by a tiny beck where I found wonderful icy works of art above the water.

                                          At the beck

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