lauantai 30. joulukuuta 2017

Concluding the year 2017

Now it’s time to sum up the year 2017. To me it has been full of experiences and also year of expanding my territory. I will sum it up with series of photos taken this year.

My everyday territory has expanded quite a lot after telling my neighbours about Anukatariina. I’ve walked a lot, driven by my new bicycle, taken sunbaths, gardening, picking berries and mushroom…  and feeling free to be what I am!  

My trips have also been numerous in different places:





                                   Viljandi Estonia

                              Saimaa district



My night life has not been as active as it used to be. That is probably because my daily life has been so busy, both as Anukatariina and in my male mode.

                               At the theater performance


Getting my first trophy for the best costume of the evening

My belly dance society has become closer and more important to me. We have done many other things in addition to training and performing: sewing club session, visiting the performances of other dance studios, having our own night activities and having fun with friends that have become so dear.

My political life has been extremely full of incidents:


Lecturing about diversity of gender and discrimination at work places,

                             acting for better name bill

                            and trans law,

      discussing about better interaction between police and LGBTI people,

             supporting sisters in Helsinki and different parts of Finland,

      constructing our dressing room at Seta office,


taking part to Pride happenings,

starting the career as the vice president of Dreamwear Club and representig it in Seta assembly,

meeting foreign people to talk about situations in their country,...

  opening the Transgender Day of Remembrance happening at the stairs of the Parliament House

My most personal political act was my decision to tell my colleagues about Anukatariina.


This year makes me feel I’m living full life as Anukatariina, at least far fuller than I could even dream about some ten years ago. I want  to thank all the sisters who have made it possible and wish them happy and prosperous new year 2018!

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