sunnuntai 21. lokakuuta 2012

Fashion, Beauty and Burlesque

On Saturday 20th of October I had a busy day. In the  afternoon I visited the beauty and fashion Fair. I wandered from a desk to another finding out what is hot in European fashion, getting advice on makeup and beauty care and looking into clothes stands to find treasures. I didn’t find much “must” products after being busy in that area during the last weeks and on the other hand preparing to check the Czech range next week.

I spent there two hours and after that I went to downtown for a little snack. It was quite warm and I could walk in the streets with my coat and blazer opened. Then I had to go to prepare myself for the evening. I changed my black pencil skirt and blazer to lilac-blue prom dress, added some more makeup and false lashes,… 

...I was preparing myself to go to Burlesque show. Although it may sound like I was going to perform there I was just a part of audience; the audience will dress up in appropriate style in shows. That makes the show more collective happening, not just performing to an audience.

For me it was the first time to be at Burlesque show. I have some friends that are more in business and some of them were even performing that night. Burlesque is related to erotic show and strip tease ending to spinning tassels is the ultimate end of every show number.  But different from normal erotic show it has lots of humor and the performers are not always slim like erotic dancers usually are. The style reference is mostly the pin up style from 40-50s. The audience is mostly women so sharing erotic feelings is very essential part of the show.  In Finland the performers are mostly amateurs and that makes the collective feeling even stronger.

I watched the show with some of my friends and their friends. After the three-part show there was some dance music, mostly from fifties. And of course, I wanted to shake legs and let my skirt hems swing so I went to the dance floor for about half an hour with other girls, both audience and performers.  After that I drove home in rainy and misty October night and very rapidly changed to my nightie….and fell asleep almost instantly.  

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