torstai 25. lokakuuta 2012

Holiday in Prague

This week I have my holiday so I flew to Prague with my spouse for a couple of days. I have never been there so it was totally new experience for me. Prague city is not very large but it’s crowded of many beautiful churches and other old buildings. We visited some of the churches and museums and heard a concert which unfortunately turned out to be a cheap medley of most (read: too much) played pieces of classical repertoire.  As the town is not very big we could easily walk from a place to another, from town hall to the old bridge and climb to the Palace hill. We could enjoy the marvelous masterpieces of architecture from medieval era to art nouveau style from early 1900's. And of course it was so touching to see the places where so many dramatic incidents have taken place, the latest not so many years ago. 

The weather was quite dim and foggy but it didn’t rain too much, either.  When we got hungry or thirsty we popped in to restaurants and pubs in local style to enjoy local pork and duck and beers and liqueurs. We were also supposed to go some jazz club but so much walking and seeing things made my spouse so tired she fell asleep before we could get ready for the night.

And of course we did some shopping at the old town and Wenceslas Square areas. There’s a very hip place for shopping the Paris Street but for some reason we skipped the shops like Versace, Prada, Cartier and Burberry there…. I bought a ring of Czech national jewel garnet and some shoes and blouses. The price level is approximately same as in Finland but the wages are so much lower so I wonder how on earth they can afford to buy anything.

 Two and half  days were far too little to find all the wonderful places in Prague so I’m sure I’ll go there some other time to enjoy it’s marvelous atmosphere. 

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